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What Makes a Winner?

A winner does not merely go about life in a casual way, but lives intentionally and is goal/role orientated.Winners are established from the rest of the crowd, by their focus and dedication. Winners have specific goals and their success is the direct RESULT of how they act on their ideas to achieve those goals.Dreams will remain dreams, if you don’t do anything about it.

Taking       Action!

Let Mellisa inspire you to build a fulfilling life. Let her help you find the clarity and direction you’ve been searching for and then, step into your Divine Destiny…

Only YOU can do what you were meant to do, on this earth, in this life. Mellisa du Toit’s Direct Motivation can help you fulfill your purpose, but:

only you can actually TAKE THE STEP that takes you forward.


Faith Without


Is Dead

Bugs transparent

So don't be a Fwaid!



Keep extending, stretching and challenging yourself, by not allowing yourself to stagnate.

When we require more of ourselves, we expand our own capacity to do and achieve more. And, in doing so, we gain the necessary power we need, to reach our next level or stage, of our development.

So, by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, you’re ‘stretching’ your capability and placing yourself in line for greater opportunities and possibilities.

Be intentional in your thinking and in your actions, purposely seeing yourself as a ‘Powerhouse’… that’s when you start to make things happen.

Mellisa offers Life and business strategy sessions, equipping new ENTREPRENEURS and business owners.



Book your counselling session with Mellisa today! For groups and staff or 1-on-1 private sessions.

Mellisa encourages people, to discover and then to walk, into their DIVINE destiny, being lead by the Holy Spirit.



Mellisa shows you how to upgrade your corporate image, bringing your vision and brand, to the world.

With over 23 years of experience in physical training, Mellisa can guide you in attaining your PHYSICAL GOALS.



It's time to own your BRILLIANCE! Let Mellisa help you establish your personal style and presence.

Success is the direct RESULT of how you act on your idea. Dreams will remain dreams, if you don't do anything about it.


A woman of humble beginnings with a fire burning in her heart, Mellisa has overcome many difficult personal and professional trials and still, remains closely connected to her faith, her beliefs, her family and her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Mellisa du Toit is the founder and CEO of MelJin Business and Commercial, which began as a small Real Estate Agency / Property Brokerage, some thirteen years ago.

Today, through years of dedication and ‘pedal-to-the-metal’, hard work, MelJin Property Brokers (Property Images), has become the MelJin Business & Commercial GROUP – with branches in Solar Energy, Property, Roofing Solutions, Web Hosting and Design. And, with still various other branches currently in the development stages, on the cards for the future. This is FAITH’s prize, people! Pay attention!

God Hoor die Gebed van 'n Mamma

(God Hears a Mother's Plea)

Mellisa du Toit

“Waar begin ʼn mens met ʼn storie, as dit ʼn storie is, van seerkry?
Ek dink God het ʼn mens sterk genoeg gemaak, om jou eie eina’s te dra en daar waar die pyn te groot word, kan ons dit voor ons Vader se voete gaan plaas. By Hom kry ons weer nuwe krag en moed, om die storms van die lewe te trotseer.

Stap jou kind, egter in ʼn storm in en jy moet toe kyk, hoe hy gewond word, word sy pyn, jou pyn! ʼn Dubbele seer!

Jy huil vir jou kind en jou hele menswees pleit en roep, na God, om hom die seer te spaar!”


"I have known Mellisa for over 10 years and she's impacted my life in a big way. Her sound advice, positive attitude and energy always brings out the best in people! Being part of her team, has motivated me, to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone"
Andre Kruger
“Meeting with Mellisa gave direction and clarity to my life.
I was totally overwhelmed by my situation and could not see the way forward. Her calm approach, good listening skills and positive outlook gave me hope and the courage to make the best of my situation!"
Karin Bothma
"Mellisa I want to express my gratitude for helping me find direction. I met Mellisa when I was at my lowest, but with her inspiration and caring nature, she showed me how to equip myself and to start all over again. She taught me that giving up is never an option!"
Stephen Pearson
"Melllisa is a dear friend and a great spiritual mentor! A dynamic Entrepreneur, with excellent business skills, she brings sound business knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy to any transaction! Thank you so much, Mellisa"
Yolanda Mabuto


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